Eric Salomon is a sale and business specialist who has been active in the Montreal area for more than 30 years. It is this long and complex experience acquired in different business sectors that makes his work for his customers exceptional and has been at the core of his success since he joined the real estate sector.

As a broker, Eric is unique at creating strong relationships with anyone he meets. His natural warmth, curiosity and ability to really understand people needs makes him someone you can trust and feel comfortable working with.  In addition, Eric brings  to the table the discipline and hardworking habits that have allow him to have success at many levels in business but also in sports. His capacity to listen and really understand what is at play in a transaction insure you that your property will be bought or sold rapidly and with efficiency. Finally, as with many successful story, Eric knows how to build and lead a capable team to support you through all steps of the transaction: marketing and communication specialists, notaries, construction specialists, architects, Building inspectors, photographs, etc. With Eric Salomon, you are enrolling the services of an exceptionnal individual whose experience and loyalty will be supporting you through all the difficult steps of buying or selling your house.

A man of many interests, Eric practice yoga, hockey and many outdoors activities. A citizen of the world, Eric has a thirst for life and new experiences from which he likes to challenge himself.



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